Release date May 10th 2015, - 45 minute programme titled ‘Karate in the 21st Century’ – fronted by Dr Milorad Stricevic with contributions from highly respected karate-ka - Dr.Vladimir Jorga - Peter Consterdine - Gerry Breeze - John McClary - John Mullin - Charles Gidley - Richard Amos Alistair Mitchell John Thompson - Tom Hibbert MBE and Ged Moran.

The programme is a documentary, taking a look back at karate in its infancy, initially viewed as a form of self-defence, but recently developing into a ‘sport’ with some dramatic changes along the way. There are quite a few conflicting opinions from the programme’s contributors, all world class senior karate-ka with impeccable backgrounds. The one binding constant from all these karate luminaries is that karate has a massive benefit in terms of fitness, especially for young children, but also for the mature instructor and student.

The art’s entrance into the Olympics is a hot subject, as well as kata and its performances (long pauses between moves) – and also; what are the benefits of kata, what does it amount to? If karate did make it into the 2020 Olympics, would it be altered even further to attract television ratings – or possibly something that would send the viewer to sleep! There is no doubt that Olympic recognition and the television coverage would open karate to a worldwide audience, but would it still be a ‘martial art’ or a fast paced game of tick, with some fine gymnastics thrown in?

With a running time of 45 minutes, the DVD is priced very low (£6.50) because we hope it will assist those running a dojo with lots of children; as is the case in most dojos these days. Dr Stricevic is also professor emeritus of Sports Medicine at Long Island University and his views on training as we age bring a breath of fresh air to the arguments surrounding the subject.